Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Campaign

The other night I went to a surprise birthday party for one of my friends from college.
Several of my friends from college were there.
It was so refreshing to see all of them and to reconnect with them.
This party gave me an overwhelming sense of how much I adore and miss these people being in my day-to-day life.
All of this got me thinking of how much our relationships, next to God and our person, are the only things we have true possession of in this life.

I want to make my relationships better.
I have an idea of how to do this.
What would our relationships look like if we loved unselfishly?
What if we let go of our insecurities in our relationships- what I mean by this is I have a vision of loving others just to love them for what they are right then and there...without any thought of ourselves and how they might make us look better or worse.
All days should be days to celebrate the love that we are allowed to give and receive from those we adore- not just birthdays, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.
What if we said, "Thank you for being you!" and actually meant it?
What if our heart songs were allowed to come out?

Some of you may have already found peace in this idea.
I believe I am beginning to- beginning to love those I love in a way that Jesus would call us to know so intimately in our friendships, our business partnerships, our marriages, our family ties...
This year I want to begin a campaign for myself- you may come on it too
I'm calling it The Campaign for Heart Songs.
Through this personal event I pledge to write a letter, at least once a week, to those who have given me the honor of being in relationship with them.
Anything can happen in this life and I want to know that those I love know- with some sort of physical proof- of that love I share with them.
You may not feel so strongly about writing a letter to one you love, nor as strongly as my motives in doing this, but I am sure you feel strongly about at least one person in this world. So, tell them. Somehow.
Everybody deserves to know at least one man or woman in this world loves them.
You too are included in this.

So, treat others as you would want to be treated.
I've never found fault in loving.
Have you?
Play your heart song.

...until next time...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies

Ahhh...Girl Scout Cookies. They come but once a they are here.
Every time this year my thighs cry up to me and say, "We just aren't fat enough, please add more cellulite to our horrible existence! Make it so we cannot fit into your pants!!"
To help soothe these cries I buy Girl Scout Cookies.
I then eat on them as slowly as my free will can muster- which usually is not very long.
My favorite Girl Scout Cookies are:

Number 1: Samoas- I talk about these sweeties ALL year long!

Number 2: Tagalongs. I have a tagalong booty to prove my love for these delicious cookies.

Number 3: Thin mints. They're classic. They're great! But they are my third favorite.

Anyway, I got my supply of Girl Scout cookies this week. (Side note: I gave up cookies and chocolate for Lent...well, that's over now...)
I was really, really excited!
I kept them in my car for a couple days just so I could relish in knowing that I had them.
On the first day I got them I allowed myself to eat 2 Samoas.
The next day I allowed myself to eat 2 Tagalongs.
My free will was still in full force.
I had not yet hit a Saturday where the Girl Scout Cookie (GSC) Fever could take over.

Okay, so Friday night comes and some of my friends from church and I had an "old gal's sleepover"
It was delightful.
I ate way too much food, and had a fabulous time.
On Saturday morning I made my way back to my house.
I get there...and the GSC Fever comes upon me.
I greedily looked in the pantry- my mouth salavating...just waiting for the taste of a Samoa on my tongue.
I throw open the pantry door and all I see are a box of Thin Mints.
"Cooper, where are the Girl Scout Cookies?!" I ask.
"I ate them!" he exclaimed.
"Oh." I say...still in shock that my cookie lovers were no longer.
I think I started plotting a way to pump Cooper's stomach at that moment.
My dispair overwhelming me...

He left me with a box of Thin Mints- did I mention my third favorite...the bronze medal of girl scout cookies. Sure, it's a medal position...but is it the best?
Cooper stole from me.
Cooper stole from a little girl.
I wish I could say that Cooper hasn't even touched the Thin Mints...but he has. I've had at least 6 of those...but I think we only have about 6 cookies left.
Next year, Cooper is getting his own cookies and I am getting mine.
And when he eats mine too that's when it's all gonna break loose.
I'm gonna go nuts.
Crazy Laura is going to come out.
Until then my thighs are just going to have to wait anxiously for an expanse in their girth.

...until next time...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love this!

Image of Bloomsbury Bracelet

This is beautiful, no?

What do you think of this:

Image of Amy Earrings

Yes, I love it too.
These gorgeous beauties, along with many other eye candies come from one of my favorite online stores Nest Pretty Things.
I stumbled upon this fabulous shop when I was browsing (another something you must fall in love with if you have not already).
There were these earrings.
And I had to have them.
So I ordered them and they should be at my house in 2-7 business days.
I know you're jealous.
But don't be- because you may purchase them at a reasonable price at
So, do it.
You'll be glad you did.

Hope you all have a FABULOUS week!

...until next time...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

number: always a great gift

So, I happened to stumble upon this incredible company about a year and a half ago:
Compendium, Inc.
They have the BEST stuff! The have the best stuff especially if you are looking for a thoughtful and meaningful gift. The type of gift that the designated person will call you crying on the phone after they get whatever you get them.
I know this because I've sent my mother, father, sister, and friends gifts from them.
*Okay, to be honest, it was just my mom who cried after she got hers...but it does sound pretty dramatic, huh?*
Compendium has in no way asked me to promote their products (as if they would...), I just wanted to throw it out there. They have wonderful books full of inspirational quotes for all occasions as well as journals as well as these pop-out window cards that display a quote when you open them (they're my favorite Compendium product).
Anyway, hope you guys find this company as inspirational as I do!
You may find them at

...until next time...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

number: library

Today I did something I have not done in a long, long time.
Today I traveled back in time to memories of summer reading, cool air conditioning, and the hope of finding a journey to embark upon.
Today I went to the library.
I forgot how wonderful libraries smell.
What's more, I forgot how wonderful the books in the library smell.
Like memories coming to life, really.
This is all very dramatic, I know, but this entire experience made me question myself:
When did I forget to go to the library?
When did I get too rad to rent books- for free mind you- from such a great establishment?
Probably about the time I started thinking I was not a dork anymore and coffee shops were my safe haven.
Coffee shops are overrated.
I actually am a total dork.
I'm going back to the good 'ole days.
This year, 2010, I am going to get back to my roots.
So, here's my pledge: I'm going to the library at least once a month!
AND, even better, I pledge to visit every museum Little Rock has to offer this year.
Lofty goals- I know- but maybe I'll learn something and become a bit more cultured.
So, what are you doing this year to better yourself?

...until next time...

Monday, December 28, 2009

number: the story of us

About a month ago I entered a contest on a website for free holiday gift cards.
I did not win. *Aw, Man!*
However, the rules of entering were that you had to write your romantic story.
I thought you guys would find this enjoyable.
Even if you don't, please don't tell me.
My narcissism really can't handle it today.
So, here is mine and Cooper's story by me.
bon appetite to the soul:

My father was an electrical engineer prior to retiring. In 1989, when I was four, he landed a job with a company. This took us to Augusta, Georgia for a time. The man who hired my father was a gracious and fair boss to my dad. This man had a wife and two boys- the oldest whom was four years older than I. Our families became friends, went to church together, and frequented the local Olive Garden whenever we had the chance. I vaguely remember the feeling of intimidation of this man's older son-after all, he was a "big kid" and I was just a little tiny thing.

We lived in Augusta for a brief period and eventually both my family and this man's family moved away. However, our families always kept in touch via Christmas cards. Year after year I watched as this man's older son grew and how handsome he was becoming. I distinctly remember standing in the kitchen with my mother the Christmas of my junior year of high school looking at this man's older son and saying, "Mom! Look at how cute this boy is- whoever ends up with him will be a lucky, lucky girl!!" However, high school boys quickly captured my attention and this man's son flitted away from my mind. Eventually, it was time for me to go to college. I chose a school in a state far from where my family was living. Little did I know, it was the same state that this man's oldest son was beginning medical school.

College truly was a wonderful time. I dated here and I dated there. I always wanted these heres and theres to be the relationship to last me a lifetime, but they were not. I believe I was too immature, too eager, and too desperate for these things to work out. The April of my junior year in college I received a telephone call from my mother. She told me that this man and his family were moving just up the street from where my family was living. My mother then told me that this man's son was in medical school- just 45 minutes away from my college. Then she informed me that this man's wife and my mother had already planned this man's son and mine's future love for each other. I told her she was crazy. "This man's son?!" I said, "Mom, give it a break." However, mothers do have a way of knowing best, don't they?

I kept on with my life for another few months. In fact, I dated a here and there that really seemed like he was going to be it. I had just started dating this here and there when I received another phone call from my mother the beginning of my fall semester senior year, "Daughter, this man's wife is in that town 45 minutes away right now, and she wants you to have dinner with them- she will be calling you in about 5 minutes. Bye!" She hung up. I was stunned. "But what about here and there?!" I thought. Then my phone rang. This man's wife asked me to dinner with her and this man's son. How could I refuse without being rude? I had to go. My roommates thought this was the most ridiculously hilarious thing they had ever heard of. They were laughing at my expense- "A blind date with his MOM?!" And that was exactly what it was.

I drove the 45 minutes. I got out of my car to see this man's wife beaming at me- thoughts of me being her daughter-in-law were dancing through her head. I braced myself for the awkward moment when I met this man's son...and then I saw him. He was even more handsome than the Christmas cards gave him credit. I was smitten. Here and there? There and here, who? The evening was lovely. I enjoyed myself. I went home happy. I went home content. Things I had never felt with any of the here and theres I had known. It was only about a week's time before this man's son called me asking me to go out...I wanted to say yes so badly...but the here and there kept me from doing what I wanted. I reluctantly refused to go out with this man's son. Needless to say, here and there and I broke it off soon after that. But this man's son didn't call me again...afterall, I had refused his request.

Finally, it was time for the longed for Christmas break. This man's son was there too- he was home on a break from medical school. I found a way to casually enter into conversation with him and inform him- ever so sneakily- that I was again single- ready for him to whisk me away and take me off into the sunset. Which he most definitely did. It was only one night before he asked me out again and I, this time, accepted. We dated for six months after our first date and were then engaged on July 8, 2007. We married exactly 11 months later on June 8, 2008.

As to date, the past year and a half have been the best days of my life. Christmas continues to be a wonderful time of year for many, but for me it is the time that I remember I got the best gift of all. And I was right about the girl who would end up with this man's son- I am a lucky, lucky girl!

...until next time...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

number: i gave in

Well, today I will live a twenty-two hour day.
There will literally be only 22 hours in my day.
Because two hours of my life were wasted, WASTED I tell you.
On what? You might ask.
Two hours I will never get back.
I got two hours older...for trashy Twilight.
You all, knowing my feelings on this, probably are asking,
"Twilight?! Why, Laura, WHY?!"
Well, here's how it happened:

My sister, a true-blue twilight guru begged me to watch this movie with her.
"Give it chance!" she said
"If you don't like it after you watch it I won't bug you about it any more, promise!"
So, I gave in.
Little sisters have a way of being annoyingly cute, stubborn, and irresistible...well, at least mine is...Anyhow, we put the movie in.
I went in thinking that this was going to be the worst movie I'd ever seen.
I probably was going to hate my life.
I've found that pessimism can actually make events/movies/experiences all the more enjoyable..because you set your expectations low. Therefore, you have a richer experience and find delight in ways you otherwise would not.

Alas, Twilight is an exception to this rule.
I did not hate it, mind you, but I found it altogether ridiculous, trashy, and not beneficial.
Here's why:
Edward compares Bella to heroin. Oh.My.Gosh. If a boy ever compares me to a drug I will ship him to some kind of rehab. Get out of my life, trashy boy.

The acting was sub-par. Actually, worse. I won't say any more on that. If you've watched it, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't...let's just say that I laughed out loud in several scenes. *And by several I mean all but one.*

Bella and Edward look lustfully into one another's eyes too frequently and for durations of time that even married people should avoid. Laying in a field looking at each other and then Edward's skin sparkling? Give.Me.A.Break.

The one, and I mean ONE redeeming quality of this movie was Bella's annoying friend Jessica who had some semi-witty comments that accurately portrayed those of a teenage girl.

The movie ended and my sister looked at me and said,
"So, aren't you intrigued enough to read the books?!"
No. No, sweet, beautiful, darling sister.
I then received a lecture from her on why Twilight is really the best and that I was insane not to like it. My opinion was apparently flawed.
I continue my point: I lost two hours of my life.
And my sister did not accept that I did not like that movie.
That was the real tragedy.

On the positive side I had a lovely Christmas.
My family is wonderful.
I love spending time with them.
Also, watched 500 days of summer and loved it.
I did not waste an hour and a half on that one.
I'm just sayin'.

...until next time...

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